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"Because happiness and pleasant always come in a surprising way." - An English Literature student; your 66th series of Goosebumps.

it seems out of the blue for me to write the title in Chinese, huh? and remember that there’s always a reason behind everything. 

yeaaa I am in China!! and the meaning of this post’s title is Guangzhou, which represents the name of the city I am currently staying. Guangzhou is the capital and largest city of Guangdong province, China. it is located on the southern part of China and really close to both Hongkong and Macau. just to sum up the reason why I came here, I joined this cool student platform called AIESEC which gives you, young leaders, the opportunity to have a life-changing experience by going for an exchange volunteer project abroad. isn’t it cool?! 

so, after missing a flight at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and having to wait for more than 12 hours, I finally reached Guangzhou on the 2nd of July. I knew that it’s summer but I never expected that Guangzhou is going to be this hot, as in 38 degree C which is completely insane for a girl who has been spending her whole life in a city with 28 degree C temperature at its maximum. plus, this is our fasting month and the struggle is real. 

I am living with a host family and her name is Sabrina (she lives with her parents, a brother and a cousin). she was the one who picked me up at Baiyun International Airport, as well as a buddy and his name is Teddy. she is so nice and she helps me a lot.

from the airport, we had to take a subway to reach Sabrina’s house on Tianhe District. it was my first time riding a subway and I was pretty stoked. the subway is really nice, clean and they have AC! pretty much of a heaven in the midst of Guangzhou’s hot weather. we rode it from the very first station for we got ourselves some seats. 

( I am a bad photographer so I hope this pic satisfied your curiosity and whatnot. you can see Sabrina, Teddy and my reflections on the glass. wee! )

( after going through some stations, more and more passengers boarded the subway )

( this is the subway route. I have a very low quality camera so I couldn’t get those letters focused. bless me. )

the very first frustration that struck me once I stepped my feet on the mainland of China is that everything is written in Chinese. no, I can’t read Chinese and I never have any intention to learn for it seems so complicated. I feel like I were just a toddler because I can’t read a single thing. only if my AIESEC local committee allowed me to go to South Korea, I wouldn’t have been this clueless. however, it’s a life-changing experience, right? I am struggling to get out of my comfort zone. I can’t deny that it isn’t weird, and in fact it is, but what’s the point of going if you don’t face something challenging?

my first day was spent by having some rest after a very long flight and journey. and do you know what? they got AC and this huge TV!


then again, I needed to register myself as a temporary residence on Tianhe District. I slept for about two hours and we went to the nearest police station (accompanied by Sabrina’s dad) with the other EP from Thailand and her name is Lidya, we are pretty close now. she is really cute, nice and funny. too bad that I don’t have any pictures with her just yet.

( this is the police station. the officers here are really tough-looking and, mm, scary- )

( a brochure from the police station. grateful for finally seeing some English words )

and that day activity was done. I had the whole night to myself after registering.

I had also gone to some interesting places in these past 3 days but it will take me a while to write it all down and it’s 5.50 AM here. I haven’t slept a wink. so, this post is just a wrap up of my activities on my first day in Guangzhou. I will try to spend some times and show you my wonderful journey. see you on the next post!

another stress relieving session.

time elapsed: 1h 42m 39s.

another stress relieving session.

time elapsed: 1h 42m 39s.


make me choose: hunhan or kaisoo - requested by thoughts-left-untold


kenalin dulu, salah satu orang terhebat.

kenalin dulu, salah satu orang terhebat.

Selama kulihat engkau senang, yang lainnya kusimpan sendiri

Tulus - Bunga Tidur (via yunasarasti)

Name: Riany Oktaviani S

Student ID: 1307021

Class: 2A1 / Non-Edu

Narrative Text

A Blessing in Disguise

          Byun Baekhyun used to be a boy who lived his simple happy life with his one and only mother in Eonyang, the suburb of Ulsan, South Korea. However, everything changed when a male whose figure looked more like a giant than a human came into his life. It was Park Chanyeol, the giant with dumb-looking smile, who made his way into Baekhyun’s life and became his stepbrother.

            Yes, Baekhyun hated his stepbrother. He loathed how her mother was always on Chanyeol’s side to the point where Baekhyun found himself questioning whose parent she really was. He loathed how that dumb giant smiled and showed his huge shiny teeth as if he did not know what he had done wrong in his life. Just one addition to their family had changed a lot of things for him.

            “Chanyeol! Ppali Ireona!*1

            It was seven forty in the morning. The lecture was going to be started in the next twenty minutes which gave Baekhyun barely enough time to get ready. He was hopeless as ever and yet his dumb stepbrother was still sleeping under his thick duvet without realizing that Baekhyun was staring at him with rage in his eyes.

            The University of Ulsan could be reached in twenty minutes by bus. Baekhyun could have left Chanyeol but the bus had already passed their neighborhood ten minutes ago and motorcycle was the only hope he had left. Unfortunately, Baekhyun never knew how to ride a motorcycle and the dumb giant was the only one who could.

             “Park Chanyeol!” Baekhyun hopelessly screamed, trying to wake the figure of the sleeping male in his bed.

            Startled, Chanyeol kicked back his cover hastily and swung both legs over the side of his bed before shifting his gaze to the clock on the navy blue wall, “Baekhyun-ah, I am sorry! We are late?! I am sorry, Baek, I am sorry.” He replied with his usual alto voice before fleeing to the bathroom.

            The weather that day was shiny and the bird chirped happily as if they were greeting summer that was coming to town. It was the most perfect day to end spring but Baekhyun was utterly upset to even be grateful. Baekhyun was always into study. Even though it was the last day of lecture before summer break, he did not want to be late. However, this dumb and tardy giant ruined everything.

            Chanyeol was finally ready to go and he walked toward Baekhyun who had waited for him beside the motorcycle in front of their house. “Baek, where is your helmet?” He asked before putting on his own helmet.

            “We are late, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun rolled his eyes lazily. He could not believe that his stepbrother, besides annoying, was also extremely insensitive. “I forgot to take it but it is fine. Can’t you please hurry up and turn on this thing?” Irritated was the most perfect word to describe how Baekhyun felt toward the taller male.

            “But, Baek-”

            “Chanyeol!” Baekhyun widened his eyes. Chanyeol knew it was not a good sign so he just turned on the engine and they finally hit the road.

            They headed to Daehak where their university was and the streets were not too crowded that morning, as if the traffic was giving them a chance to be in the nick of time. The morning spring wind struck their face as they sped up because of Baekhyun’s order. He kept shouting at Chanyeol, telling him to stop being so slow and annoying, telling him how he hated him for bringing so much trouble into his life.

            “Baekhyun,” Chanyeol interrupted Baekhyun from shouting, “can you please take off my helmet and put it on? I am feeling hot.”

            That was the silliest statement of the morning for Baekhyun. They were speeding up on a motorcycle, yet Chanyeol still asked such thing which was extremely ridiculous. However, he did as he told and put the helmet on.

             “Baekhyun, I know that you hate me but thank you for being my brother. Saranghanda*2.

             Before Baekhyun even had a chance to reciprocate, everything became dark.

            Later that day, an article was printed on Ulsan evening paper. A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of a break failure. Two people were on the motorcycle but only one survived.

            The truth was, halfway down the road, Chanyeol realized that something went wrong with their motorcycle’s brake. Instead of panicking, he told Baekhyun to put on the helmet and he got the chance to thank him and tell him that he loved him. He saved Baekhyun by sacrificing his own life. No one knew, including Baekhyun himself. Park Chanyeol would forever be a blessing in disguise.

Words Count: 777

*1: it is Korean which means “hurry wake up!”

*2: it is also Korean which means “I love you”


this is my work for Writing class assignment. it sucks, I know.  

by: Rivan Ardyanto Sutoyo

Inspirasi ini tercipta saat aku membuka facebook, tapi sebenarnya tercipta ketika aku beradi di motor di bawah terik matahari di tengah kemacetan sampai tetes keringat membasahi rona pipiku. Teringat 4 anak kecil yang terlalu baik untuk saya.

Semua orang ga ada yang sama, satu sama lain, mereka punya pikiran, imajinasi, hobi, sifat, karakter dan tingkah laku yg berbeda-beda pula. Saya punya rumus persahabatan:

4 anak kecil + 4 elemen alam + LISTRIK vs hati yg dingin

equivalen dengan


EARTH —> menurut saya Nadhira

AIR —> menurut saya Riany

FIRE —> menurut saya Muthi’ah

WATER —> menurut saya Yuni

1) EARTH -> berbicara ttg alam, khususnya mineral di batuan dan tanah. Sifatnya agak keras dan memerlukan air dalam proses hidupnya. Yuk kita ibaratkan, tanah apabila diberi air maka dia akan hidup dan berbunga serta berakar kuat. Tapi sebaliknya, apabila tidak diberi air (dikecewakan), maka dia akan gersang dan tidak bertumbuh. Sama kayak si dhira ini. Dia perlu support orang, sedikit perasa dan cinta kedamaian, bisa mendamaikan/mencairkan suasana, orangnya cukup terbuka. Tapi, tipikalnya sulit ditebak (akar kan bisa kemana2). GAWAT! Tipenya agak pedas di omongan dan sikap (batu). Style-nya naturalis habis lah dan setia serta apa adanya.

Karakter: toph (avatar)

2) AIR -> menurut si gue mah Riany, hehe.. Air itu udara. Udara itu bebas, ada dimana aja, ga terbatas dimensi ruang dan waktu. Riany itu orangnya fresh-minded alias open minded di setiap kondisi apapun. Dia bisa mencari udara2 lain ketika dia letih dan tak bisa melangkah. Tipe orang yg terbuka bgt, sedikit perasa, namun berbelit-belit -_- sulit fokus dan kurang konsentrasi, tak jarang membuat udara kehilangan lajunya. Karena pikirannya agak berbelit-belit seringkali membentuk badai/tornado/cyclone dan merusak segalanya. Kacau pelajaran, kacau pikiran, ucrat acret deh. Tapi, dgn semangat dan auranya dia bisa menghidupkan suasana sekalipun dia hanya tersenyum tanpa satu kata (aang!)

3) FIRE -> wow api! Panas.. Ya itulah muthi yg kami kenal. Api adalah lambang suatu keabadian yg belum teridentifikasi hingga saat ini. Muthi itu orangnya cepat nasteung, emosian, dan kadang terlalu memakai perasaan sehingga radiasi apinya itu tersebar cepat ke sekitar lingkungannya. Namun di balik itu semua terdapat energi besar yg dapat disimpan olehnya. Dia itu seorang tempat curhat yg baik dan aman. AIR + API = UAP UDARA, UAP UDARA + AIR = HUJAN -> tanah dapat kesegaran. Api itu vital keberadaannya. Tipe seorang pemikir dan sedikit perfeksionis membuatnya menjadi seorang tak berekspresif dan agak kaku. Punya 2 karakter unik deh. Style-nya cenderung kaku (zuko!)

4) WATER -> ini dia yg terakhir. Yuni amidong menurut saya. Dia ini tipe yg adem ayem aja, seperti air mengalir. Ya… Begitulah kehidupannya. Jika berbicara ttg air, air itu berbicara ttg keseimbangan, keseimbangan di alam. Tipikal orang yg cenderung melihat masa lalu untuk sebuah masa depan, agak tersendat-sendat, tapi kapilaritas air membentuk yuni dan memampukan dia mencari jawaban sendiri atas setiap persoalannya. Dialah inner beauty-nya suasana persahabatan. Mau masalah apapun jika dilihat dari jauh, air tetaplah air yg dingin, namun jika disentuh ada yg dingin, hangat, panas. Seorang pendengar yg baik. Tipikal: orangnya suka beruntung dan alay (katara)

Rivan mah listrik sih. Listrik itu tercipta karena ada gaya tarik-menarik antara udara di langit + tanah di bumi karena adanya air, sehingga ketika listrik hingga menyentuh tanah maka keluarlah api.

Volt -> Rivan

Dari kacamata aku, itulah kalian.


(maaf kalo ada yg ga sesuai)

habis melepas kangen sama Jembar. ini senang.

jangan lupa berkaca

ini foto waktu dibonceng sama @jfaujiaa atau Jembar; salah satu partner-in-crime. Jembar ini ganteng, dia tipe idaman para wanita; perhatian, jago futsal, badannya tinggi atletis dan yg paling penting humoris dan kritis. kalo doi senyum, es di kutub selatan meleleh semua. dia juga keras, ya seperti layaknya kebanyakan laki-laki. kalo dia udah gak suka sama satu hal, itu udah keputusan final yg gak bakal dia rubah sampe kura-kura bertelur isi monyet sekalipun. doi juga baik banget, kalo aku butuh temen kemana-mana suka dianterin, ditemenin makan malem-malem, dijajanin juga (hehehehehe). oh iya, doi juga orangnya amat sangat punctual. ngaret is not his style banget pokonya.

sering juga main ke rumah Jembar waktu orang tuanya naik haji sama One Direction (read: Erlangga, Umar, Aldy, Haviel dan Ahmad). aku nyempil cewe sendiri dan parahnya, aku yg kebo. sering tiba-tiba kelempar ke dunia mimpi di sofa depan TV sedangkan yg lain asik bersenda gurau ditemani nintendo di kamar tuan rumah atau sekedar nonton film horor bersama macam maho tumpuk bertumpuk di karpet.

Idul Qurban 2012, full team kita sate-satean di rumah doi. asik dan mengisi perut. sesudahnya males-malesan di kamar kosan kosong punya keluarga Jembar sama yg lain. gelak tawa dan ejekan tentang kejombloan udah jadi hal yg biasa kalo semuanya udah disatuin. ngerasa spesial sekali bisa jadi bagian dari mereka. Jembar sering juga jemput ke rumah buat ngajak olahraga pagi atapun acara lainnya, nge-PING!!! sampe banjir bandang cuma buat bangunin dan yg paling-paling, doi sering nyuruh mandi. kalo aku pagi udah bales chat, Jembar pasti bilang “Tumben kamu udah bangun?hahahaha=))” gitu.

Jembar juga orangnya random. seharian BBM-an, dari A-Z semua kejabanin kita gosipin. dari dia (atau aku) curhat galau-in mantannya sampe dia ngirim foto orang dengan isi perut tercerai-berai semuanya ada. kalau aku lagi uhm, bahasa kerennya sih galau, Jembar suka ledekin aku sampe aku bursting into laughter. pernah juga doi tiba-tiba ngechat cuma buat nyari surabi malem-malem. seumur hidup baru kali ini deh punya sahabat kaya Jembar Faujia ini. sugoi sekali!

Jembar sekarang ada di Jerman, nerusin studinya. ini lagi diserang rindu, makanya bikin tulisan beginian.

ah, sudahlah.

hati-hati di Eropa sana, Jembar Faujia. kita yg disini sayang sama kamu. semoga sukses dan cepat menginjakkan kembali kakimu di tanah Ibu Pertiwi ini, ya (walau doi bilang gak mau pulang dan ingin tinggal disana).

oh! by the way, itu foto waktu kita survey buat salah satu acara OSIS. kita pergi ke Lembang dan pas lewat turunan ini, tangan jahil dia mulai beraksi. dia matiin motor dan nyabut kunci motornya. di foto pertama, itu kunci motornya yg sengaja dikasihin ke aku. pas udah nyampe turunan kaya di gambar kedua, kita mulai joget-joget aja tangan kemana-mana dan Jembar gak megang stang motor. pas di depannya ketemu tanjakkan, langsung dengan hebohnya nyolokin kunci dan nyalain motor biar bisa ngegas. gila memang.

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